Victory series active self ligating brackets with sl door and apc adhesive
Category Orthodontics
Brand 3M

Victory Series™ Vertical Slot brackets deliver all the advantages of Victory Series brackets, along with the added benefits of vertical slot mechanics. The chamfered vertical slot allow for easy insertion and removal of various auxiliaries. Optional bicuspid brackets with gingival offsets provide increased bond strength. The integral ball hooks on cuspids and bicuspids allow for simultaneous use of auxiliaries.

Victory Series™ Brackets are the industry standard for metal brackets with proven quality featuring high bond strength, and easy bracket placement and ligation.

The industry standard for brackets, the Victory Series™ metal bracket system features high bond strength, easy bracket ligation and an easy-to-read identification system. For ease of use, the brackets have been designed with smoothly finished bicuspid tie-wings that are slightly extended and offset gingivally away from the tooth. Deep tie-wing undercuts assure easier and more secure ligation.

An innovative pad design, incorporating an 80 gauge woven mesh bonding base, matches the curvature of the tooth for maximum contact and strong, consistent bond strength.

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