3M - Unite Bonding Syringe Adhesive
Category Orthodontics
Brand 3M
  • No-mix adhesive for direct bonding
  • Available in easy-to-use syringes
  • Can be used for bonding polycarbonate brackets
  • Cures chemically

The industry-proven choice for a strong, reliable bond, ease of handling and rapid placement is 3M™ Unite™ Bonding Adhesive. Formulated for strength, Unite adhesive allows ample working time yet sets quickly, allowing the archwire to be inserted in as little as four minutes after bracket placement.


For a strong, reliable bond, ease of handling and rapid placement, the industry-proven choice is Unite™ Bonding Adhesive.

Unite adhesive is thixotropic - it will not run, yet it flows readily into mesh or undercut bonding bases to form a strong base-to-enamel bond. Used worldwide, Unite adhesive is supplied in pre-loaded syringe dispensers or in 14g jars for multiple patient use.

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